Especially if you’re known, people expect you to be on, if you show like the slightest sign of being off, it will get written about!

I feel you, Chris. Bitchy resting face is a serious problem in my world.

I think it’s worth bringing this gifset back after the release of those Glee filming pictures back from May. It’s a real shame how we already know that a certain fandom is going to make a big deal out of it, which is why I think it’s good to hear from Chris himself.

Thanks for this. Yes, this is exactly what I meant. He doesn’t have a bitch face, he isn’t angry at anyone. That’s just Chris being normal. Nothing to see here or speculate about. Move on.

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"Usually Chris looks pissed " The cast always says he’s super fun … so mean you know Chris more

Oh look! It’s one of the fuckwads I was talking about. 

I mean he just has that default face that can be interpreted as pissed. I have it too. We don’t default to a smile, and so we’re the ones who always get the “you should smile more” kind of assanine comments. I don’t mean he is pissed, just that idiots could see it that way and so this should in no way be used to interpret him being pissed because Mia and Darren are together, which I’m sure is exactly what you’re doing.

But thanks for already making me feel like I shouldn’t have shared anything! I may not in future because of idiots like you.

And blocked.

Glee Filming photos - May 1st, 2014

Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Kristen Schaal and Mia Swier in the crowd between takes.

*feel free to edit the photos as you like, as I didn’t have time. But please don’t be a douche, and please remember to link back. Thanks.

*Fuck you tinhatters, because I know what you’re going to try and turn these into, and I tell you now, YOU’RE WRONG. Chris was there, but doing what he ALWAYS does, and not really talking to anyone, with his default face which is never a smile. I literally never even saw him speak to Amber, who is meant to be a close friend, right? Or is that some kind of conspiracy too? The boy doesn’t talk to anyone on set much, I’ve seen it at least 7 different times. It means nothing, and you’re the reason we can’t have nice things in this fandom, so please go away. (I hate that I had to write any kind of disclaimer, and you’ll still ignore me because you’re stupid and delusional fuckwads)